You may be a good player but wouldn't you rather be Great!?

Learn the basics, improve your game, master advanced skills. Poker is unlike any other game in the casino. You are not playing against the house you are playing against other players, The skill levels vary so being adaptable to how others are playing is the most important part of the game to consistently win.


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At the end of our courses we have a final lesson at an area casino. we offer discounts for groups but also will take individuals. 

The poker table

Is a microcosm of life

The skills and behaviors involved that make a winning poker player 
are very similar to those that relate to daily life.


There are many actions at the poker table that have already worked their way into the English language and are used in every day phrases.


“Playing the cards you are dealt” is an obvious one. “Letting the chips fall where they may” is another common one. Poker sayings and philosophy have long been a part of American culture. 


Like life, it can be played or lived but never mastered. It is the

journey not the destination that becomes important.


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